An Epic roller-coaster of Indian stories and colors!

A Piece of Home

A Unique Travel-art brand exploring India through art!

We believe that every "Galli" holds a story, and we share them by Painting them!
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5.Galli trails
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Meet Deepthi!

Live passionately!

Founded by Deepthi to share her experiences of exploring INDIA through art; a love for the quirks of the country and desire to share them with the world led to the birth of HyCa Kreatif.

Deepthi is a Designer by profession and an avid traveller. The yearly Holiday-calendar is her best friend and is always on a look-out for opportunities to sneak-out to explore India a little bit more. The art, culture and traditions of this country have always caught her fancy! She lives by the motto of 4Es-Explore, experience and experiment; and enjoying life while doing so!

A generous serving of art, the tangy flavour of Indian stories, topped with a pinch of the imagination-A complete platter called HyCa Kreatif!

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What People Say!

“There is something special about

your artwork that has captivated me towards it.

Heart-felt love for your art!



 At HyCa Kreatif we strive to create art that mesmerises people and leaves them spell-bound for a long time after.Creating art like never seen before!

Unique style, attention to details establish the authentic design language of the brand.The designs at Hyca Kreatif have a blend of traditional art forms and modern design methodologies amalgamated to create eye-candy products.

The designs aim at creating a joyous feeling in people, leaving them encapsulated in happiness and inspiration.A go-to destination for a feeling of HOME.

Why People Love HyCa Kreatif!

Never-seen-before celebration of India!
Color is our middle name! Our artwork is sure to tickle some of your cherished memories and leave you joyous. Inspiring, uplifting and comforting is what defines our art! Our designs are inspired by the diverse culture and art forms of India, combined with creative storytelling that is eye-candy and joyful!
Creative Storytelling
Unique aesthetics
Joyous experiece

Join the community!

Become a part of a rapidly growing community of art lovers and buckle-up for an extravagant ride!

A Treasure box of hidden gems!

A land blessed with many diverse cultures. Every corner has a story to tell, something truly authentic to its place of origin. Discovering treasures from long ago, passed on from many generations. Not sure what? Take the Roshogulla for example or the Pochampally Ikat from Hyderabad. Remember the Kolhapuri Juttis or the Pashmina weaves of Kashmir? India is truly a treasure trove in all sense, we can't wait to explore and share the gifts this land has to offer.
"Exploring the Colourful Chaos called India."

Miss Home?

We are on a mission to create a feeling of Home on the net! A feel-good place where people find comfort and happiness. Our designs strive to give you experiences that remind you of the good days spent with your loved ones and re-kindle a feeling of love and happiness. A flashback in time, an adored memory and flashy smile of joy.
"A Photo Album of good times."

Built to last!!

This journey has just begun, so many places to go to, so many tales to tell. What can we say except "MANY MILES TO GO BEFORE WE FALL ASLEEP!"
Hop on this crazy adventure and be surprised in new ways every single time. We promise you will not be disappointed!
"Welcome aboard Dost!"

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